StoredSafe Addons

StoredSafe maintains several open source addons which can be used in 3rd party software to interact with StoredSafe via our REST-like API.

For a full list of our open source projects, visit

Access StoredSafe from the browser

Browser Extension

The StoredSafe browser extension is available for chromium-based browsers (Google Chrome, Edge Chromium, etc.) and Firefox.

Configuration Management

Puppet / Ansible

StoredSafe modules for Puppet and Ansible are available in Puppet Forge and Ansible Galaxy.

hiera-storedsafe (Puppet)

Puppet Forge Github


Ansible Galaxy Github

vault-storedsafe-client (Ansible)

Ansible Galaxy Github

Command line utility

CLI Tools


csv-importer helps you get started quickly with StoredSafe by facilitating the process of importing sensitive data into your StoredSafe vaults.


Using the x509-vacuumer you can download all of your public certificates directly into your StoredSafe vaults from the command line. This way you can easily get an overview of which certificates are being used and when they expire.


The StoredSafe tokenhandler is used by most of our CLI tools and some of our other addons to handle authentication with StoredSafe.


Write your own addons

API Wrappers

StoredSafe provides transparent API wrappers for the StoredSafe REST-like API in Ruby, Python and TypeScript. These wrappers provide an easy interface to quickly get started with developing your own addons for StoredSafe.


PyPi Github

pip install storedsafe


RubyGems Github

gem install storedsafe


npm Github

npm install storedsafe