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Organization with High Business Security Requirements
Highly Confidential information
Scalable 2FA
Disaster Recovery
Service Provider
Certificate Management

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  • Business Case PCI

    PCI DSS – Easy Implementation of Remote Access 2FA in Complex IT infrastructure.

    A large hospitality organization with a complex IT infrastructure supporting several entities had to implement a two factor authentication solution to meet the PCI-DSS requirements for remote access.

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  • Organization with High Business Security Requirements

    A very large financial institution needed a strong secure scalable solution to protect critical/confidential documents, passwords and encryption keys. The organization manages several thousand privileged (generic, service accounts, shared accounts) account passwords and encryption keys for core applications an IT infrastructure.

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  • Highly Confidential Information – Outsourced IT

    A Research & Development department in a global conglomerate with an outsourced IT operation performed a risk analysis and identified a need to further protect highly confidential information such as new products, product recipes, etc. The loss of this data would potentially jeopardize the future of several large entities within the enterprise.

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  • Scalable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

    A healthcare institution with more than 10,000 users wanted to implement two factor authentication for remote access for external and internal users with privileged access to meet internal risk acceptance requirements and expected future regulatory requirements.

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  • Critical Information for Disaster Recovery

    A large financial institution with an outsourced disaster recovery remote site needed a strong secure solution to protect highly critical/confidential disaster recovery information, passwords and encryption keys at the disaster recovery site and on-site for daily operations.

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  • Service Provider Compliance and Value Added Services

    A Software as a Service (SaaS) organization provides services to the healthcare, financial and other industries with many regulatory requirements and high security awareness. The organization has regular on-site customer audits and is in the process to provide a SSAE 16 SOC 2 report.

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  • Certificate Management

    A B2C provider with approximately 200 certificates performed an IT audit that identified several areas for improvements. The certificates enable secure communication between customers and key partners. Certificates need to be renewed on a regular basis through a certification authority. The certificates are managed by several IT teams.

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