Critical Information for Disaster Recovery

Business Needs

A large financial institution with an outsourced disaster recovery remote site needed a strong secure solution to protect highly critical/confidential disaster recovery information, passwords and encryption keys at the disaster recovery site and on-site for daily operations. The organization manages several thousand privileged (generic, service accounts, shared accounts) account passwords and encryption keys for core applications and IT infrastructure. The current solution to store passwords and disaster recovery documentation is a protected file server and encrypted USB-sticks.


The organization implemented the following solutions to address the business needs:

  • File StoredSafe: Storage of highly confidential disaster recovery documents
  • Password StoredSafe: Storage of passwords and encryption keys

The implementation included 50 users and was implemented within less than 30 days.

Key Benefits

  • All critical disaster recovery information stored secured on disaster recovery site and core site.
  • All critical passwords and encryption keys stored secured on disaster recovery site and core site.
  • No access required to the network, Sharepoint, etc. during restore operations
  • “Real” need-only access to highly confidential and vital data
  • Easily integrated and deployed into the current IT infrastructure
  • Quick implementation time
  • Highly secure solution
  • Low investment and maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Regulatory compliance

Project Investment (50 users)

Solution Price
File StoredSafe $10,350
Password StoredSafe $10,350
Redundant solution $11,850 (Optional)
Implementation Support $6,000 (Optional)
Total $38,550

Total Monthly Estimate Year 2 for 50 users: $581