Business Case PCI

PCI DSS – Easy Implementation of Remote Access 2FA in Complex IT infrastructure.

Business Needs

A large hospitality organization with a complex IT infrastructure supporting several entities had to implement a two factor authentication solution to meet the PCI-DSS requirements for remote access.


The organization selected and implemented the StoredSafe two factor authentication solution in less than a month to 100 users and achieved PCI DSS compliance related to the specific requirements for remote access. The organization selected StoredSafe solution due to its easy integration with the current IT infrastructure and authentication solution (Active Directory). In addition, the solution provided an enhanced security level for the organization as a whole by enhancing the authentication and control for all external parties and IT department users with critical privileges.

Key Benefits

  • Easily integrated and deployed into the current IT infrastructure
  • Quick implementation time
  • Highly secure solution
  • Low investment and maintenance
  • Scalable to several thousand users
  • Easy to use
  • PCI DSS compliance

Project Investment

Solution Price
2FA StoredSafe including 100 users $16,520
Redundant solution $11,850 (Optional)
Implementation Support $6,000 (Optional)
Total $34,370

Total Monthly Estimate Year 2 for 100 users: $685