Features of StoredSafe Platform

We are proud to present all about our key features that help us, help you to stay compliant with even the most rigorous regulatory requirements. Our features add up to our StoredSafe Secure Platform which is the foundation of all our products.

StoredSafe Secure Platform

StoredSafe Secure Platform Overview

Business Objectives:

Store and share sensitive information on a need to know basis with full audit trail and compliance assurance. The unique StoredSafe Secure Platform puts the data owner in control of the information and lets the organization manage the system administrator risk without adding additional administration.

Flexible and Scalable Solution:

Our scalable architecture enable each organization to choose between our products based on their needs as well as adding functionality over time. To assure confidentiality over time all StoredSafe products can easily change crypto algorithms and modes as needed without putting current data at risk.


Strong 2-factor Authentication included

Secure Centralized Storage:

All your critical information is stored encrypted at rest in a central location and in transport. Each piece of information is available only to authorized individuals due to our unique role based access model.

Optional support for key escrow is offered for all versions, to protect you from data loss due to forgotten StoredSafe user passwords.

StoredSafe Secure Platform helps our customers meet extensive confidential, compliance and regulatory requirements in the most cost effective way to related critical information.

StoredSafe Audit Engine

Audit – Remove the Guesswork

With our audit engine StoredSafe will always know what information has been viewed and by whom. For example, instead of being forced to change hundreds of passwords, you will only need to change the ones that have actually been exposed to now unauthorized individuals.

All operations in StoredSafe Secure Platform are logged and auditable in our convenient and easy to use audit interface. The StoredSafe audit engine provides a full audit trail to assure compliance with the most comprehensive regulatory frameworks and business operations requirements.

StoredSafe REST-like API

StoredSafe REST-like API enables 3rd parties to develop GUI:s and applications to access, manage and share information stored in your StoredSafe Appliance.

Open Source

Some cool features and open source applications utilizing the REST API, are published in our GitHub account.

Open Documentation

Full documentation is available on our wiki.

Strong 2-factor Authentication


StoredSafe is designed to store your most sensitive information. That’s why two factor authentication is required and included as part of StoredSafe Secure Platform. Our recommended and currently supported implementation are Google Authenticator and Yubico’s YubiKeys as client-side hardware token in addition to a strong passphrase.


To further improve security, YubiHSM (Hardware Security Module) is incorporated in the platform to store cryptographic keys for all YubiKey hardware tokens and secret keys for Google Authenticator. This provides an excellent authentication server for YubiKeys and Google Authenticator . This enables our customers to be independent of Internet, and critical networking services when in need of access to critical data during a disaster.

Technical Specifications

Best in class entropy due to the combination of YubiHSM as well as our CPU of choice

StoredSafe Appliance Specifikations:

  • 1U Rack server
  • Chassis with tamper detection
  • Intel CPU with multiple cores and hardware random number generator support
  • Redundant power supplies
  • 12 TB RAID5 Storage
  • Strong 2-factor authentication
  • Strong encryption
  • Role based access control system (RBAC)
More Detailed Tech Specs