StoredSafe Browser Extension

Use the StoredSafe Browser Extension to enchance your Password StoredSafe experience directly in the browser.

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The StoredSafe Browser Extension is available for chromium-based browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, etc.) and Mozilla Firefox.

The Extension can be installed either by using the links below or through the use of browser policies. For more information about installing via browser policies, see Getting Started.

Set up your Browser Extension

Getting Started

The StoredSafe Browser Extension was designed with enterprise users in mind. All of the configuration options can be applied either manually within the extension popup interface, or through the use of browser policies which can be distributed to all of your users.

The IDs shown below can be used to install and configure the extension through browser policies.

Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome (or other chromium-based browsers)


Microsoft Edge Chromium


First Use

The first thing you will need to do after installing the Extension is to configure at least one host along with an API key. If you have already configured your Extension through policies as described above, you're good to go! If not, you should be prompted to enter a host name and API key when you open the Extension popup.

API keys can be created and managed from the StoredSafe system console under System Settings > Service Management > REST API.

At this point you're good to log into your StoredSafe host with your usual username, passphrase and 2-factor authentication method of choice.


While logged in, you can search your StoredSafe vaults from the search bar in the Extension popup.

In addition to manual searches, the Extension will also automatically scan your StoredSafe vaults for items related to the page you're currently on. This is presented as a number badge on the Extension icon.


You can use the Extension popup or hotkeys to quickly fill your usernames and passwords on webpages through the Extension interface, or automatically as soon as you load the page if you wish to do so.


The Extension can offer you to store your sensitive information in StoredSafe as soon as you log into a website that isn't already in your StoredSafe vaults.

You can also add new items to your StoredSafe vaults manually through the Extension Popup.


Passwords within the Extension popup will be displayed in a color coded format so the user can easily differentiate between capital and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special characters.

The password view also features a large text format to facilitate manually entering passwords on other devices.

The Extension popup is equipped with a password generator with settings to match a certain policy or method of generating a password. When adding or editing an item there is also a quick access password generator which will match the chosen vault policy with the click of a button.


If you have any issues or suggestions, please feel free to visit us on our Github page.

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Recent updates


  • 0.6.11
    • Upgraded vulnurable dependencies
  • 0.6.10
    • Fixed issue with autofill where fill would trigger even if there was no form to fill
  • 0.6.9
    • Search stability fix
    • Fixed bug where object wouldn't be decrypted before entering edit mode
    • Disabled transitions for better performance
    • Fixed bug where the badge number icon would stay on after logout
    • Will now refresh the search after clicking the search icon or pressing enter
    • Updated user interface for Manage Data page in settings
    • Added global setting for whether or not to ask to save logins
    • Password inputs are now obfuscated when not focused
    • Updated title interface for a single host
    • Will now treat URLs with or without parameters the same when judging whether the used login already exists in StoredSafe
  • 0.6.8
    • Bug fixes for form scanning / save prompt
    • Added version number to options
    • Other minor fixes
  • 0.6.7
    • Made UI more consistent across browsers
  • 0.6.6
    • Fixed background search