Organization with High Business Security Requirements

Business Needs

A very large financial institution needed a strong secure scalable solution to protect critical/confidential documents, passwords and encryption keys. The organization manages several thousand privileged (generic, service accounts, shared accounts) account passwords and encryption keys for core applications and IT infrastructure. In addition, the IT department and critical departments have many critical and highly confidential documents.

The current password solution did not support two factor authentication, lacked audit trails, and password strength requirements. The current solution for protection of documents relied on protected file folders and ad-hoc file encryption.


The organization implemented the following solutions to address the business needs:

  • Two Factor Authentication StoredSafe: Integrated with the current authentication solution for remote access and internal use.
  • Password StoredSafe: Storage of passwords and encryption keys
  • File StoredSafe: Storage of highly confidential documents

Key Benefits

  • “Real” business-need-only access to highly confidential data i.e. no IT administrator has access to any data
  • Easily integrated and deployed into the current IT infrastructure
  • Quick implementation time
  • Highly secure solution
  • Low investment and maintenance
  • Scalable to several thousand users
  • Easy to use
  • Regulatory compliance

Cost per Month (30 users)

Assurance level Password, File and 2FA StoredSafe (30 users) Per month
AAA+ Redundant appliance, HSM included. Can be on-prem or hosted service. $630
AAA Single appliance, HSM included. Can be on-prem or hosted service. $540
AA Not currently available as a service. N/A
A Single Virtual appliance, SoftHSM. On-prem only. $240

Additional users is $4 per user and month, up to 500 users.

Additional users

Number of users Per user & month
1 to 499 users in total $4
500 to 999 users in total $3
1000 users or more $2