Certificate Management

Business Needs

A B2C provider with approximately 200 certificates performed an IT audit that identified several areas for improvements. The certificates enable secure communication between customers and key partners. Certificates need to be renewed on a regular basis through a certification authority. The certificates are managed by several IT teams. During an audit more than 100 additional certificates were identified as well as inconsistent administration and management processes for certificates.


The organization implemented the following solutions to address the business needs:

  • Certificate StoredSafe: Secure storage of 200 certificates with access on business need only basis.

The implementation included 15 users and was implemented within less than 30 days.

Key Benefits

  • Easily integrated and deployed into the current IT infrastructure
  • Improved maintenance (reminders for renewals)
  • Quick implementation time
  • Highly secure solution
  • Low investment and maintenance

Cost per Month (15 users)

Assurance level Certificate StoredSafe (15 users) Per month
AAA+ Redundant appliance, HSM included. Can be on-prem or hosted service. $380
AAA Single appliance, HSM included. Can be on-prem or hosted service. $280
AA Virtual Appliance as a Service, SoftHSM. Hosted by StoredSafe. $310
A Single Virtual appliance, SoftHSM. On-prem only. $159

Additional users is $4 per user and month, up to 500 users.

Additional users

Number of users Per user & month
1 to 499 users in total $4
500 to 999 users in total $3
1000 users or more $2